“Value society through customers with our products and services”
CASSIS DS ASIA LIMITED is the exclusive distributor of the Cassis International headquarters for Asia Pacific.

We are trading products manufactured in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil and distribute them through our well established network to all major textile provinces in China.

Our leading products are biodegradable, non-toxic and an innovation in the sizing process. They are mainly used for yarns made from cottons and blends.

Our mother company Cassis International Companies had been developing sizing products since 1945. During all these years Cassis International has always maintained the quality of the products and developed new innovative sizing agents to serve the sizing industry.

In 2005 Cassis has set foot on the Chinese market and started to introduce the innovative Supersize in China, a biodegradable and ecological product to reform the sizing industry.

Today, three years later, our own distributor CASSIS DS ASIA LIMITED has been setup and is playing a strong role in the sizing market. In a short time Cassis International and CASSIS DS ASIA LIMITED will grow and play a major role in the sizing industry all over China.

Our main product Supersize SS has been tested by ECOTEX and it is the first sizing product worldwide awarded with the ECO Passport no. BEXA 057687, Testex - Zurich.